本文摘要:说到商务英语学什么,许多职场人都市一头雾水,再想像学生时代那样去学习英语,显然不切合当前提高自己英语水平的需求。今天小编就带大家相识下,商务英语的学习内容,今天先学习下办公室交流的常用商务英语对话。 办公室交流在公共关系中饰演着很是重要的角色,它不光关系随处理日常事务、对外接待、招聘,还影响到其他公关事务。正因为如此,办公室日常公关就显得尤为重要。从很大水平上讲,它决议了公司能否乐成正常运营。01 接待访客与请示Good morning.Can I help you?



办公室交流在公共关系中饰演着很是重要的角色,它不光关系随处理日常事务、对外接待、招聘,还影响到其他公关事务。正因为如此,办公室日常公关就显得尤为重要。从很大水平上讲,它决议了公司能否乐成正常运营。01 接待访客与请示Good morning.Can I help you?早上好!我可以为您效劳吗?Can I be of any assistance?能替您效劳吗?Can I ask what you wish to see him about?请问您找他有什么事?May I tell him what you wish to see him about?请问您找他有什么事?What company are you from?请问您是哪家公司的?Would you please have a seat and wait for a mo-ment?请您坐下等一会好吗?Would you like to have a seat over there?请您坐那里的位置上等一下好吗?Would you mind waiting?您不介意等一下吧?Would you please take a seat?请坐一下好吗?Would you please go up to his office?请您去他的办公室好吗?Would you please tell me what you wish to see him about?能告诉我,您找他有什么事吗?Would you like a cup of coffee?要杯咖啡吗?I'll tell the manager's secretary you are here.我这就通知司理的秘书,说您已经来了。

I'll come and fetch him now.我现在就去找他。I'll take you to his office.我带您去他的办公室。

I'll tell Mr.Brown you are here.我会告诉布朗先生您在这儿。I'll see if he is available.我看看他有没有空。You'll take just a few minutes of his time.你只能占用他几分钟的时间。

I have to refer to my appointment book.我必须先查查我的记载簿。I have to ask my boss.我必须问一下上司。


02 约定碰面I have an appointment with Mr.Smith at 8∶30.我与史女士先生约好8点30分晤面。I have another appointment at ten.我在10点另有另外一个约见。But I can't make an appointment for you unless you state your business.除非您说明事由,否则我无法给您预约。If you can wait, I can arrange an appointment for you later today.如果您愿意等,我可以在今天晚些时候给您摆设个约见。


Do you have an appointment?您有预约吗?Could you make an appointment on some other day?您预约另一天好吗?Are you Mr.Wilson of International Trade Corpora-tion?您是国际商业公司的威尔逊先生吗?Excuse me, are you Mr.Johnson from Beijing?请问您是北京来的约翰逊先生吗?03 有空晤面Isit possible for him to see me now?他现在可以见我吗?Is it possible for us to have a talk now?我们现在谈一下行吗?Please call Mr.Smith in.I can see him now.请叫史女士先生进来,我现在可以见他。Mr.Wang calls me in to talk about the personnel management.王先生让我进去讨论人事治理的事情。At the moment Mr.White is free and can see you.怀特先生此时有空,可以见你。

When will he be free?他什么时候有空?Mr.Wilson will be free at about half past twelve.Can you wait?威尔逊先生约莫在12∶30有空,您能等吗?Just a moment, please.I'll phone his secretary to see if he is free.请稍等,我给他的秘书打个电话看他现在有没有空。Please let me take you to the Manager's office.我带您去司理的办公室吧。If you don't mind, I'll take you there myself.如果您不介意的话,我亲自带您去。




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